Wednesday, May 11, 2011

update & details of the launch of follies

So things have been a little quiet on the aul Wordfury side of things lately, mostly due to the sheer craziness of the month of April. Between interning at the CĂșirt International Festival of Literature, spraining my ankle, and being sent off on my journey to New York for a week, having my lovely play Sleep Skips my Heart run for a week in Galway's Town Hall Studio Theatre as well as college work and the occasional surprise, I've been very badly behaved and let this place rust a little.
Promise 5000 that I'll start updating on a weekly basis again.

Follies is being launched on Friday in the café of the Galway Museum by the lovely folks at Over the Edge, starts at eight o'clock. There are some amazing international poets reading at this event too. Adrian Frazier, the head of the M.A in Writing that I'm in the process of finishing will be launching it. Maybe smashing a bottle of champagne off the side of one of the copies. That'd be exciting.

So I've fallen out of practice with this whole blogging business and officially resolve to be better at it and not waste all my time playing Portal 2.

Who am I kidding, Portal 2 time isn't WASTED time.... pssh, the game makes me feel like a genius, (certainly more of a genius than Ceri, who I am significantly better at co-op than) of course it isn't wasted...

I will leave you lovely people on this lovely picture of a kitten chewing on a person's finger. How adorable.

I shall get back to yis soon with proper real life news and important writing information and clever pictures and reviews. 

party on until then 



  1. Congratulations on all your hard work. I also saw that you were accepted in the Raft online Magazine (issue 3) so I am! First work showed out there. Any way congratulations again.

  2. Thanks a mil missus! Hope you're well too! xx