Monday, February 28, 2011

you know you might be getting better when you regain your sense of humour

Hello all. I'd legitimately planned to blog like three times since last Sunday, but alas, awoke Friday morning with no post-show-party hangover (Narcolepsy went brilliantly), but a fever and my left ear, tonsil and neck inflamed. The manly half was pretty much the same.
As far as I am concerned, Friday the 25th of February did not exist, because I spent all of it lying on my face, trying to avoid eye contact with my parka hanging on my door, because it was actually a moving skull. And my owl bag which contains my Lomo camera, also a skull. So if I didn't look at them they wouldn't eat me. Day faded into night punctuated only by visits from my most loyal friend: Neurofen Cold & Flu, purchased by Ceri, in literally the hour before he got struck with the same thing. This is what it looks like, in case any of you are unaware.

So the day somehow rolls on into Saturday, at which point he and I are so ill that we make an elaborate plan to get to the Gobus, which is miraculously intervened with by my father (better known as the single greatest man alive) who goes into 'MUSTKEEPMYCHILDALIVE' mode and no less than drives across the country to rescue me and Ceri. And drives back - as we listen intently, in our sick-comas, to the election results. Sure didn't we all full well know it'd be Fine Gael and Labour - hopefully Labour'll knock some cop on into them. But shush with the politics aren't we all up to our eyeballs with it anyways.

The worst thing by far, worse than puke and delirium and sweat was having to cancel a gig for the first time. The Block T Fundraiser - I'd been really sweetly invited to come contribute some of my poetry to the night but was only barely able to write an apology e-mail. Heartbroken. Hopefully they'll have me back another time. Also, worse than this, having to cancel a gig for the second time. A new spoken word night in The Roisin Dubh of all places, Testify Nights, where my name was even on the poster (I have a copy in my bedroom), I'd to hand over my sword on that one too. Two gigs down. I'm determined to be up on my feet for the Speakeasy in Greystones and The Good Room in The Mercantile on Saturday. It's always the important weeks that the wrecking ball hits you, isn't it? 

Yesterday, another lost soldier and today I am going to a second doctor for more being poked and prodded and hopefully fixed. One thing I will say, is that my mood has increased. I suppose that's what happens really isn't it, you cheer up a little then your body follows. I'm trying to write a poem about me and Ceri both having the same dream last night, but that isn't working yet. Maybe my poetic gears are still infected and gross. What made me realise my brain was back to normal was this:

Two hours this morning spent on Regretsy, where the lovably hateful webmistress scours (online vintage/handmade marketplace) for the most hideous creations known to man. Sometimes however, they are pure genius, like this AMAZING cross stitch. I'll leave it to you to read through the pages and laugh for yourself, but any sex-toy that features Eva Peron engraved in copper on it... well I just feel the world has to know. 

So long story short, I'm only dyin leave me here in my sweatbed with my equally ill boyfriend to feel sorry for myself and watch Boardwalk Empire until we recover 


Monday, February 21, 2011

my my my monday

GOOD MORNING WORLD. The play is up on it's very lovely legs, last night's rehearsal was one of those experiences where you feel like the project, cast director words you name it, has done itself justice. If we can do that again when we go into the world on Wednesday for our two shows, then keep up the energy for Thursday, we'll be champions of the small stage.

This morning I made an application for Galway's Town Hall Theatre's 'Studio THT' project, which is for new shows. Not sure if  we're applicable just yet, however, I figured I'd whip in an application just in case. Keep yer fingers crossed for us. Ben Folds hasn't been in touch since the tweet I got back, which was obviously very exciting, but I'm just pleased he knows what's happening. We'll get the show video'd and see where it goes from there (Youtube is a wonderful platform for sharing art you know).

Did you know I had my first go on a motorbike last night? It was amazing. My lead actor in Sleep Skips My Heart NATURALLY drives a motorbike and gave me a lift home. It was so exciting that I wrote a poem about it, which I would post here only that counts as self publishing. Ugh, rules.

In other news, I've reached the very difficult stage with the book where I've to write my acknowledgements, and my dedication. There have been so many incredible people who've helped me along my writing journey and given me time that they really didn't have to: hopefully I won't forget anyone. Feels like we're really making progress with it. It might be a real live thing in no time at all.

The cover is something else I'm really looking forward to figuring out, but the less I say about that at the moment the better.

I also thought I'd list some of my upcoming gigs, just in case anybody'd be interested in stalling the ball along.

Saturday 26th February:         Block T Fundraiser
Tuesday 1st March:               Testify Nights at the Roisin Dubh
Friday 4th March:                  The Speakeasy, Bray
                                             (headlined by Elaine Feeney! So excited!)

I'll also be playing the Caca Milis Cabaret in Wexford in the coming months, The Brownbread Mixtape in May, and The Mutant Cabaret in Cork in June. And competing in the Cuirt Grand Slam in April. How super exciting is all this? And by the time Summer comes I'll have a book under my arm too.

On a foodier note: Marks & Spencer ready meals are something I've a bit of a love/hate relationship with, considering I'm kind of obsessed with Jamie Oliver and home cooking and all that shite. However, on Saturday night when I was in Dublin in a state of emotional turmoil over tweeting Ben Folds and looking like a madwoman, myself and the man treated ourselves to what is basically the MEGA ready meal. It's called THE BIG PLATTER. A big massive box full of chicken wings, ribs, battered mushrooms, potato skins: lardfest 2011. Perfect sit in a ball watching X-Files when you're real knackered at the end of a long week food. I mean I know I'm normally one for sticking to reviews of chocolate, but this meal deserves an honourable mention. It was an experience to say the very least. I mean, in some cases the food was quite dry, but the sheer quantity of pretty decent nibbles for a tenner was not half bad. The box it came in was pretty savage too and I'm pretty much a massive sucker for good packaging in general, so it gets mega points for being visually attractive.

NOW in saying all this, I prefer home cooking. I'm getting really good, might whip up a recipe for my EPIC GET ALL YOUR VEG MEAL in the next few days, because it pure does make a difference to how good you feel from one end of the day to the other. 

(this from the woman who has just eaten an entire packet of maryland cookies for breakfast...head hung in shame)


party on


Friday, February 18, 2011

brave leaps into the unknown matched with hard persistence: my ben folds experience, vicar street, 18th february

I did something maybe a little silly. A little too much. I pressed into the hands of the bassist of Ben Fold's ensemble an envelope, hastily scribbled:

My name is Sarah. I have written a play based on your song, Narcolepsy. My twitter is Griffski. Thank you for everything. xxx

I told the friendly and understanding guitarist my story after he told me that Ben had just left the building. He told me to keep tweeting at him and that is what I will do. I just want to tell him that I've written this play, I'm writing this film, with my partner Helena, and it's a big story, and we want him to know it. It is called Sleep Skips my Heart and it's on for two nights next week, and I feel like it's wonderful. The screenplay is moving in dribs and drabs but it's moving. Hell if all he does is tweet back and go 'thanks guys', that'd be enough. I'm kind of shaking like a little leaf right now so to all my followers on Twitter, I'm sorry if my posts seem a little weird over the next few days, but I have to get him to notice so he can know this story and that it exists, and has existed for 8 years, because of him.

The gig was terrific. I was a little dwarfed by my lack of knowledge of some of his more recent songs, but as if fate was dipping it's fingers into his setlist, he played my favourite song, 'Zak and Sara', then immediately after played my sister's favourite song, 'Kate'. (Her name is Kate, my name is Sarah...see where I'm going with this?) We had a pure psychic dance  moment, it was lovely. He got Kate Miller-Heidke out to sing Regina Spektor's parts in 'You Don't Know Me' and she was utterly incredible. She opened for him as well, which was terrific, but her contribution to that song in particular was a real woah moment for me. It's one of my on repeat tunes and dragged me out of many a heartbroken afternoon. It was kind of hard to stand there and accept that I was looking at the face of a man who's music kind of defined me for a period of my life, to a certain extent. He was right there, all glasses and soft hair and I was in love with him and sad and grown up all at once. It was a very emotional experience, and I just couldn't get my mind off wanting him to know about the play. I hadn't been to a concert since Electric Picnic and that was mostly me wandering around drunk and joyous with flowers in my hair so it didn't really count as a musical experience.

The band were tight, really close harmonies and man that drummer was amazing and I don't know shit about percussion but I could feel the strength and rhythm emanating from him. Folds finished with 'One Angry Dwaf and 200 Solemn Faces' and the crowd went apeshit. They were an older, more reserved crowd, but since I hadn't been to a gig in a long time I'd forgotten what it was like to have to watch the stage through the magnification of fifty other people's iPhones and cameras.

I returned to the apartment a little while ago, subdued and hopeful as hell.
Keep your fingers crossed for me and Helena and Narcolepsy.

party on
as always

Thursday, February 17, 2011


OH LORD. Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? Do you?
This week I have been running around like a proverbial cyan-tailed insect, to the extent where I lay down for ten minutes last night end ended up sleeping for twelve hours. I am still knackered. Sleep Skips my Heart, my lovely play, is on next week and between that, classes, organizing various things (including the Galway Arts Centre Poetry Slam this week, which absolutely rocked as always), interning at Cuirt and attempting to have a life (attempting is the keyword) I am running pretty low on batteries. Though I did have two and a half-ish very soothing hours today of sticking address stickers on envelopes. 490 stickers stuck in under 3 hours bitches

I had a small list of awesome things to talk to you about, the first of which is my retraction of a previous post's declaration that my favourite bar of chocolate is the Galaxy Ripple.
It is now the often overlooked Milkyway Crispy Roll. Fickle, you call me - shut up and listen to why, I say.

no messin with the crispy rolls

I was pottering around yesterday and was kind of hungry, kind of sweet-toothy, kind of oh look there, it's small enough, there are TWO crispy rolls in it, and it's 60c! That's nearly 50c and that's a pure call-back to the days when all  bars were that price so how could I say no? My issue with chocolate bars, most of them, is that they're just too much for a savoury mouthed sailor like me who prefers, generally, crisps and all, so I'm seeking something that's small-ish without being annoyingly small. And with this lad, 60c, fuck it I can afford two of them! And because they're small, not feel like captain lard! Savage. Highly recommended.

After the aforeposted Upstart Wrestling Gig, I got approached by a lad from Block T to do some poems at their fundraiser on the 26th of this month, which is going to be amazing. I really love that venue, it feels like a sale of work in 1994 in a school hall. The tiles on the walls are really cool, I know that sounds like a strange thing to say, but they are, bang of art deco off them. So happy to be part of a fundraiser for them. I'll throw down the full lineup when I hear more. 

Am presently drafting my first collection, 'Follies', with the editor of Lapwing, sending the proofs back and forth, which is awesome because I get to keep posted on what goes on in the process. No date for release yet but it should be summertime-ish. Hopefully I'll have a fancy big party of a launch up here in Galway, as well as back home in Dublin. (this is actually the first time I've officially announced it on the internet, I havn't put up a big screaming Facebook update at all or yeah, party hats for everyone, lifetime achievement city :D )

When I go home later or tomorrow, I'll take a picture with my webcam of my AMAZING NEW HAT. I lost my favourite grey hat at Electric Picnic during The Eels (I know, right? Of all bands) and have been devastated since then, but yesterday came upon the new head-warmer of a lifetime. 

I think this is all for now - expect more later. Because everyone's been kind enough to read and my views have gone up nicely (not in huge terms in the context of the internet or anything, but enough to make me feel like people are reading!) I'm going to be posting more. About chocolate bars. And events.

OH speaking of which,

i am

party on

Monday, February 14, 2011

for the day that's in it

I thought I'd wish everyone a happy Valentines: Hallmark this and pointless holiday that, I don't care: we've adopted the day to celebrate love, and that's what I'm going to do.
So no matter who you love, if the one you love is on the east coast and you're on the west or vice versa, no matter who you have loved, who you're missing, who you're falling out of love with, who you feel like you might love but aren't sure, who you kind of wish you didn't love, if you only love your mammy or think you might never feel love, today is for all different shapes and colours of love and sometimes I wish we'd all just take off our cynical hats for like, two seconds, and remember what those clever bastards The Beatles said: it's all you need. That's what my Da reminds me of whenever I'm in a pisser. It doesn't mean you need a relationship, or you need a partner, it's just love you need, no matter who or what it's for. It doesn't matter how dysfunctional your love is, or how dysfunctional you think it is. It keeps us all alive. Hell, be your own Valentine. I just think it's nice to celebrate the damn feeling for once.

So happy 14th of February everyone, remember, LOVE IS INTERGALACTIC

Thanks for the 1,000 reads lads!
Party on

Sunday, February 13, 2011

sweet mary saturday night in a wrestling ring: UPSTART CITY

Where do I even start with the sheer epic that was last night's fundraiser for Upstart in the Complex, where do I even. I can honestly say that I've never watched wrestling on television in my entire life, but I feel like I've been missing out on something now. The lads and ladies from the Fight Factory were The Complex was decked out with a wrestling ring in the center and chairs all around the sides, and there was some serious chaos in that ring. I was off my seat screaming for half of it, in the front row, completely hyped out to 90 by them. It's all so perfectly choreographed: nearly a bit like dancing, only more violent!

I very sincerely and wholeheartedly award the lads from Upstart 7000 points at being alive for the idea for the whole thing. There were hundreds of people there. I know, it's initially laughable, indie American-style wrestlers from Dublin and Slam Poets all doing their thing in the one event: but it worked, it really did! And Gareth Stack was our amazing host for the evening too, bravest man alive getting in the ring with those huuuge lads! He nearly got hit by a chair, I saw it, it's true. All the Upstart volunteers were terrific too, real friendly and accommodating, I even got a mic stand when I asked for it! And was donated some cigarettes (shh I'm still quitting) when I was nervous. These lads really know how to put you at ease.
I was proudly the only lady poet in the ring last night: and was definitely channeling Catherina Behan all the way over in New Zealand, who was probably only getting up in the morning when I was performing!

Admittedly when I got up to do my poetry, I was a bit slightly terrified, especially considering that getting into a wrestling ring wearing a floor-length skirt is no graceful feat, but thankfully I was partnered with the walking legend that is Stephen James Smith, and we took it in bouts to give it loads tell the crowd some of our poems, even if they were simmering with excitement over a lad clad in yellow spandex spending 15 minutes sheer ripping the piss out of Soundings (the ancient staple poetry book that everyone studied ever).

My personal favourite quotes of the evening, as this lad flicked through that vintage poetry book that everyone began poetry with ever: 'Shakespeare? Dickhead. John Donne? Never heard of him. William...William Butler Yeats? William Butler...I know a William Butler...'

Brilliant. The wrestlers were unreal and really gave it loads, I can honestly say it's been forever since I was that excited! Performing to the audience was an interesting experience: a few really lovely people came up to me afterwards to say thanks and that they enjoyed what I'd to say, and that meant a lot, so all the love to you strangers for taking a moment to say cheers! I did four poems altogether, and opened with my Upstart submission itself. I found this wonderful lad's Flickr during the week, he's been documenting the posters appearances all around the city, and contacted him to see if he'd let me use the photo he took of mine. He was lovely, and sent me the file! My poem, below, can be found outside the Bamba Toyshop at the Jervis Centre!

When I got to see it yesterday I think I probably stood there for maybe a little too long as I basked in pride that people in the city were going to get to see my words written up there! I mean yeah, it's only two lines, but I'm still so happy to have been involved in something that I genuinely feel made a difference during this election process. I figure I'm going to put my name in to help take the posters down as well, these lads'll need all the help they can get. All the posters are being auctioned off at the very end to help cover costs: I definitely want to own one or two! Me and Ceri bought two of the more political prints at the gig last night, they're the kind of thing I always want to have in my home, to remind me that I lived in interesting times, and was here when the country fell out from under everyone's feet: but it didn't stop anybody making art or pulling together to create incredible things! 

Arite, arite, big lefty rant over. So last night was absolutely whopper, especially the surreal after-party which involved a lot of drinking despite my current personal agenda with Captain Morgans, and I'm now, yet again, spending my Sunday crashing out on the couch here in Dublin with a lovely boy and an Xbox controller in my hand and a belly full of croissants. I have other news which I'll blog about during the week, but for now


Keep yer eyes out for all the art all the time! 

More tomorrow 

party on

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MILK&COOKIE STORIES 15: so I get into a taxi holding a two and a half foot long antler and a biscuit tin full of fairycakes

and really hope that tonight isn't the night I die in a car crash, because for sure it isn't the collision that'll be the death of me, without a doubt it'll be the massive spiky antler and you know what, I think that isn't a half bad way to go, if it's going to happen to you suddenly and violently in your early twenties. Just sayin'.

This was being transported across town for Milk & Cookie Stories 15: Show and Tell. As was my first ever baking endeavour: pink fairycakes. See I just wanted to be a hip kitschy housewifey type who makes things like this:

(my cakes in no way, shape or form resembled this)

When in reality, I'm actually really rubbish and my pink cakes went a funny colour and I was too scared to eat any of them myself. Ceri said they were nice though (but he's kind of obligated to). It was my first time alright, and your first time at most things is going to be ridiculous so I'm letting myself away with that one. And I was totally unsupervised alright, I did it all by myself with only a bit of texting my mother/Laura O'Reilly/Christina Duff for advice on ingredients, timing and processes. So like 90% all by myself. I make amazing dinners, like proper healthbomb amazing dinners, but baking is a little more challenging. I'll keep trying and get the knack of it someday I'm sure. Until then it'll just be raw cookie dough from the packet yeah

But that is not the point. I brought the cakes to Milk & Cookies and they were pure devoured pretty quick methinks, so I'm pretty pleased with that. If any of you were at the event and had luminous pink fairycakes, tell me what you thought (unless you're dead from food poisoning, in which case, I send your family my condolences). I also brought the antler. Which I have to carry back to Galway at 9am tomorrow. Living between counties is especially difficult sometimes.

(Also have you noticed I'm writing using capital letters? This is because I want this to be a grownup blog)
(Also have you noticed the new format? My friend Emma Flynn has started to prettify the place for me. I'm making a banner too. A banner. Like a real blog.)

So Milk & Cookies, well, what can I say, it was the very beginning of the turn-around in my life back in 2009, it means the entire world to me in so many different ways. While I am admittedly a kind of absent volunteer (because I'm terrible at baking, as explained, and pretty bad at administrative things... also I live in Galway and the event is in Dublin) I still feel as though when I got involved with it, way back at the very beginning, a lot of things in my life changed for the better. It showed me that if a bunch of sound people have a good idea and a bit of belief in it, then with some hard work and love it'll turn into something that makes more people happy. And more and more and suddenly there's a queue down the street dying to get into your storytelling and baking non-alcohol event. Seriously. Around 200 people every single month, who give a shit and want to be part of whatever movement is happening. There's around 9 of us who all do different things (most of them do significantly more than I do) and it's getting to feel like we're a little family. Hell I met Ceri through it, bumming sly smokes off him during breaks way back this time last year. 
The two of us got to host it as well, which was pretty savage, and all of the storytellers were absolutely stellar. I was doubled up laughing at some points, I was nearly moved to tears TWICE, no less. Showing and telling is utterly brilliant as an incentive as well. Amongst other things, we had ropes, a book, an 18 year old ten box of Benson & Hedges, Christmas lights, a woolly hat, a picture of a Triangle-Shaped Man, a very loved and smashed up silver sprayed guitar called Charlotte, and a piece of seaweed from the southernmost point of New Zealand. 
Not only this, but we were collaborating with Inklude, the art collective, who were drawing the stories on a projected screen as the speakers went along, which made each story entertaining on so many more levels. They were lovely, I really hope we get to collaborate with them again, it really added something special to the evening! I also took a loada pictures with my Diana Mini and Flash, so when the roll's done I'll develop and scan them so yis can all see. 

So I'm all loved up yeah, I'd forgotten how much it meant to me until last night. Then some of us retreated for pints, then retreated home, happy and full of baked goods. Our next event is super special and super depraved: Milk & Cookies AFTERDARK 2: The 7 Deadly Sins. It's on the 11th of March at The Complex and is going to be a depraved byob music/poetry/storytelling/theatre/cookie festival of brilliant. I am so excited. I don't know why you aren't. I'll talk more about it nearer the time. 

In other news, I'm slightly over my hair-trauma, Ceri's playing Assassins Creed 3 (or 2.5) and I'm not making dinner tonight, he is, I'm going to sit on the couch and continue to legitimately work on my novel. See? Not just an airy-fairy poet type. Going back to Galway tomorrow for two days, then back up for the weekend, then back down for class and interning. IT NEVER STOPS. mayhem, mayhem

I'll update this post with photos from the event really soon, maybe later today if some of them come in!

Here's Milk & Cookie Stories' website and Facebook, if you want more information or want to get involved or come to the next event!

And here's Inklude's details too :)


Sunday, February 6, 2011

HERE IS A LIST OF BRILLIANT THINGS (as big as a collective, as small as a croissant)

due to january being the single most insane month of my life so far (and february threatening softly to follow it) i have taken a wee sabbatical in the new apartment in dublin for a few days. yesterday myself and himself sat in on the couch all day and did nothing other than play video games and eat leftovers. today we wandered around town semi-aimlessly and got house things.
here is a list of amazing things that i feel i need to share with everyone right now. i feel as though i should write a specific blog post about each of these things and how awesome they are... but... i just have to tell you about all of them!

  •  Seeing Upstart posters everywhere!
i hope everyone's noticed them by now: the beautiful posters that upstart have put up all over our city of poetry, art and photography! they make the election posters look so silly in comparison, me and ceri went upstart hunting and people were definitely looking at us funny as we circled lamposts to try and see what was on each side. one of my poems is out there somewhere too! the poster simply reads,
'lust knows no words
only tongues'
so if you happen to see it, snap a picture and send it to me!
for anyone who wants to get involved in this really incredible campaign, here's their website:
or like 'em on facebook
they've also got this awesome event, which will have some seriously cool poets (...and me) performing, as well as actual wrestling! here it is!

i'll be doing a full blog post with more information on it later in the week!

  • Busyfeet Cafe's Bacon and Cheese Croissant
i wouldn't normally be one of these people who puts bacon on everything, or melted cheese, as much as i appreciate it. and busyfeet was really packed today and i'm selectively claustrophobic, so in crowded cafes i get kind of moany. however. i ordered the bacon and cheese croissant and i honest to god have never eaten anything more delicious for 4.99 in my entire life. it's amazing. i didn't even have the foresight to ask what kind of cheese they used because it definitely tasted fancy. seriously put me in an awesome mood for the day.

  • This Spiderman frying pan

on SALE in txmaxx. now in our kitchen. frying pan, frying pan, does what ever a spider can (it even has the same pentameter, omg)

  • Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: THE GAME
we downloaded it onto the xbox 360 for 800 points yesterday afternoon. side scrolling pixelated murder is what it is. it's basically like streets of rage, on speed. it's really hard, really loud, really colourful and just the right amount of stressful for it to be loads of fun. now if you don't dig the scott pilgrim thing that's cool, i've just been gradually suckered in lately, and this game made my afternoon yesterday. and it has upto a four player co-op mode! yeow

  • Portal
all i am going to say is that i heard so much about it for so long, finally played it, and it was every bit as satisfying as i'd been promised. that is all. it makes me feel so clever. this is all

  • Poem!
3am magazine very sweetly included my ikea poem in their website this week... here is a link if anyone's interested in reading it. it's a really new one, written after a 6 hour journey through that monster on the horizon of ballymun! here ya go:  this is a poem about 3 things (3am magazine)

  • Kooky Dough
was pottering around fresh on friday night trying to get some bits when i came across this absolute miracle of a product...cookie dough in a tube. the kind of thing you see american teenagers in sitcoms eating. and i had a tube of it and watched a movie and was really happy. and i will probably buy more tomorrow because it was properly delicious. i mean i should probably use it to actually make cookies in the oven... but... raw it's just... 
here's the website of the lads who make it. i got the triple chocolate chip because i'm a piggy:
i think i might try all the flavours and do a review. it actually inspired me aswell to get off my hole and start baking. me and my lovely blonde christina duff are definitely going to be spending all tomorrow deflowering this new kitchen with eggs and sugar and eventually amazing fairycakes....which leads me to

  • Getting to host Milk and Cookie Stories SHOW AND TELL on Tuesday night!
i think that the things i miss most about living in dublin city are the incredible nighttime events run by incredible people, and the first of these that i really felt i belonged to was milk & cookie stories. me and ceri are mcing it on tuesday night, here's the event link, come along, it's a show and tell... i might have brought something ridiculous from the west to tell an amazing story about... hint in picture...

i shall say no more. here's the event link! Milk & Cookie Stories SHOW AND TELL!

  • Jet Force Gemini and Banjo Tooie for 23 yoyos
two amazing n64 games for under 25 euro. oh yes. god bless R.A.G.E on fade street. now that place is getting a post of it's own for sure. it's a vintage video game, record and art store and i thought i'd chance my arm and ask if they had two games i never got to play as a kid but read review upon review of in nintendo official magazine.... and yes they did. thrill city.

you know, i think i've slightly lost track of myself with the sheer excitement of my lovely weekend. i've received some really amazing news this week, and will tell everyone in the internet about it shortly enough (some friends know already... things really seem to be kicking off!). i've also a few really savage gigs coming up, which i'm really pleased about so expect to remain posted on that too.
i'll probably do another post later too considering it's superbowl night which means i'm going to sit in here beating portal and crocheting on my owneo so... you know... when in doubt... reach to the internet and invisible readers for company, yeah?