Sunday, June 10, 2012

wordfury will be getting a makeover

Like in those teen-movies where the plain girl takes off her glasses and lets down her ponytail and suddenly all the boys go, 'WOW WORDFURY, WE NEVER KNEW YOU WERE SO PRETTY.'

Wordfury then hisses at them for being shallow and objectifying her but also understands that to get taken seriously in today's Internet one has to present an interface that is easy to use and compliments the content so that it draws the reader in as well as ensuring repeat visits not to mention the importance of personal branding and la de dah dah business talk.

So yes, this corner of the internet is getting a serious do-over in the coming weeks. You'll barely recognise her, honestly, your jaw will drop and you'll exclaim OHMYHOWYOU'VEGROWN the way aunties you only see every Christmas do the year you turn fourteen and suddenly gain three foot in height and have coloured your hair for the first time. Be excited, it's gonna be shockin' gorgeous.

The reason behind this is that obviously I've been hobbling along through the Internet without taking it especially seriously for my writing or my career up until now - because I simply haven't had to. In fact, as a secondary school teacher in charge of a group of teenagers, it was probably a better idea to not really have any internet presence at all, for fear of them finding out anything about what I was at other than standing in front of them encouraging them to be expressive and creative as opposed to sticking bits of chewing-gum to members of the opposite sex and taking pictures of each other on their iPhones.

Times, however, have changed. I live in America. I am looking to get a job, like an adult. So, making this blog gorgeous is sort of part of the process. I'm presently sticking together a copy-writing portfolio and fancying up my resumé (this is what people in America call a C.V) and eyeing up some seriously awesome establishments. Some are so huge that I feel like writing a time-letter to thirteen year old Sarah saying 'GIRL YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO YOU'LL BE SENDING YOUR C.V. TO SOMEDAY AND IT'S A REALISTIC CAREER OPTION, NO KIDDING' because seriously, I have to double-check my reality at least twice a day living in California. I hope being star-struck never wears off.

I will soon have a business card like an adult and a much, much prettier Wordfury. I am still interning at the very savage Litseen so click yourself over there and take a peek - and do listen to the weekly podcasts: they feature me and my lovely boss & mentor Evan Karp talking literary events in San Francisco. Our contrasting accents are worth the listen in the very least: I'm the machine-gun and he's the drawl.

I just thought I'd knock up a post to FORESHADOW THE CHANGE.

Rapid city lads best of luck, remember to throw us an aul follow on Instagram (click the banner on top of the page under the Wordfury sign that says Wordfury Elsewhere) to get an eyeful of San Francisco living,

This post was brought to you by the number 4 and the letter V

Party on


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