Saturday, March 12, 2011

the cure to the day after a rough night?


I have no idea why I keep resisting silly cuddly kids games, I really don't. I can't pretend I have a seventeen year old male shut in's taste in video games to make sure that people think I'm authentic and cool. This game takes place in a world of fabric and wool. I know I haven't blogged about my crochet and stitching buzz yet, but I'm one of these crafty stereotypes at heart. And this game appeals to every single inch of my crafty heart. It's almost a throwback to Yoshi's Story on the N64, anyone remember that? (My Da got it for me when I was sick one day as a present when I was around 12, I'll never forget the pure surprise of it, sheer lovely little game)
But like, it's legitimately a really good platformer. I resist a lot of contemporary games because first person shooters make me travel sick and I'm just not interested in blowing the face off other people in a warfare game like. It's just a fancier version of toy soldiers, it's never rang a bell for me. Also, obviously the most heavily produced contemporary type of game being the adaptation of a movie. I won't start ranting but basically what I'm saying is my patience is pretty thin for contemporary games.

However, here, it's just touching all the bases. We've got really oldschool side-scrolling gameplay that doesn't get boring, because the physics of the universe Kirby and Prince Fluff are making their way through and literally, stitching back together, are incredible. Kirby's traditional move of sucking people into his belly and robbing their powers is gone, and replaced by a really unique and adaptable (and more often than not, adorable) process of literally, stringing himself around. He's made of a piece of wool. If he's in the water, he's a submarine. If he's in the air, he's a parachute. Savage.

If you don't believe me, just watch the trailer. It's pure love, all of it. The level Ceri's playing while I type is on a beach and involves BECOMING A YARN DOLPHIN. Here's the trailer!

Also, as IMDB just told me and Ceri, the dude who narrates the UTTERLY ADORABLE story parts of it, is  Paul Vaughn, who did the voice-over for BBC's Horizon for the guts of 17 years! (Horizon is how I learn things about the world now that I'm in a creating type course not a learning type one) The narrative sections are gorgeous. Real sweet.

(THIS boss is called Hotwings and I milled the face off him and it was deadly)

We haven't tried out the two-player just yet, but doubtlessly that's going to be deadly too. We're on world 4 already after only having bought it this afternoon. Shockin, that's what being knackered after a night of legging it around an event which facilitated the partying of around 450 people does for you. Hope the rest of our team are resting up too.

Also, lasagna is an incredible cure for a rough night. Communally made lasagna. Lasagna hint of the year: cheese sauce made with Dubliner, and sneak in some grated carrots and peas into the beef as well as onions and mushrooms. Now. You can have that one for free, lucky you.

So that's kind of it really just checking in, barely alive, spent all of AD2 sober as a judge and I still feel like I've been hit by a car! It was probably all the running up and down the queue outside with cookies to keep everyone waiting to get in happy that knocked me out a bit, it was pretty chilly and I was dressed up as Sloth (pyjamas). The theme was the 7 Deadly Sins, remember? But it seems like all the guests had a deadly time, and we had a good time bringing it to them. Hopefully the feedback'll roll in over the coming week: sure this was the biggest thing Milk & Cookies have done yet so with a bit of luck we'll learn a lot from it, and there'll be something even more epic next time!

so party on lads
talktyis in the week


Tomorrow I'll write up my review of the talk/session Warren Ellis gave up in NUIG last Thursday night! It was real interesting!

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