Sunday, March 20, 2011

i don't normally post up poems, however, consider this an exception

Heyis so, I've been writing lots of poems this week. It's strange not having a poetry class or group to workshop with anymore, or many people to chat about poetry with regularly. I don't usually post my work, because you can't submit anywhere for publication if a piece has been previously published, no matter where that is, including a personal blog. I also amn't too sure how I feel about releasing art into the internet. However. I wrote this little thing two days ago on my phone, while pottering through town, and thought I'd share it. This post may disappear at any time, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. It's a fresh work in progress that could probably do with a bit of cleaning up, but whatevs. I'm real aware that this is meant to be a writing blog but I usually just review chocolate bars and complain, so here's some literary-ish stuff to compensate. So consider this a prelude to Follies, and the kind of stuff that can be found in there.

from a long text message

you know them kinda bags
them kinda pop seal line along the top bags
the kinda bags we’d take buds of green from
in your unknowing older sister’s bedroom
if we’d been cooler at fifteen well

as i come home after a blind blind day after a
blind black night on sweet dark rum
i stare down at the ground as i move
past the big white statue of virgin mary
just at the end of our street

across from the place where all the babies are born

and the grey of the concrete soothes my sore sad eyes
until they meet one of them kinda bags
them kinda pop seal line along the top bags
just at the spot where that plaster cast mother of god stands
with her hands clasped in a way i barely recognise

and that pop seal kinda bag is full
of small white flowers
not small green buds
some bright new kid who lives here in this
maternity hospital street
filled it up with petals

i hope they didn't do it in some bleak blind imitation
thinking that pop seal bags're where bad things usually go
i hope they were maybe just trying to capture nature
in a pop seal bag
and not knowing
nah not knowing any better

Thanks for the read lads
love city


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