Saturday, March 26, 2011

a poem i wrote on thursday night

Hello all, good Christ where did that sunshine go to, it's very upsetting. I'm in the process of writing a blog post which details in a list the components of my first day of springtime, similar to my list of things to do to entertain yourself when you're awake all the time ever, but until then I thought I'd put up another poem because everyone was so receptive to the last piece. I actually like this one a good deal more than the last, it was written during a writer's meeting in my apartment on Thursday night as part of an exercise where we all had to describe the moon, avoiding terms usually used to describe the moon (I cheated a little).

yet untitled

i don’t know what draws you to me
tiny pale babyface
makes you pace me in circles
eyeing me and my darktime activities
do you love me
do you
suspended at a stellar arms length
i think you’re too young for me
too pock-marked
introspective quiet
too distant and when you come close
i feel my blue skirts pull away

you’ve been with me as long as i’ve known
before i knew all i know now babyface
more a brother than a bedmate
though bedmate i suppose
you are to all the sleepy eyed mites who pace upon me

Would now be the right time to say that everything I post up here is copyrighted SarahGriff 2011 and forever? Trying to get my bag of 20 poems packed for the Patrick Kavanagh Award too, which will be the first big competition I've entered in print with my work. It'll be worth the experience no matter what happens!

So on that lads, I'll hit yis with another post tomorrow. I've been swamped in a scary way lately but am definitely going to try and make more time to blog.

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