Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MILK&COOKIE STORIES 15: so I get into a taxi holding a two and a half foot long antler and a biscuit tin full of fairycakes

and really hope that tonight isn't the night I die in a car crash, because for sure it isn't the collision that'll be the death of me, without a doubt it'll be the massive spiky antler and you know what, I think that isn't a half bad way to go, if it's going to happen to you suddenly and violently in your early twenties. Just sayin'.

This was being transported across town for Milk & Cookie Stories 15: Show and Tell. As was my first ever baking endeavour: pink fairycakes. See I just wanted to be a hip kitschy housewifey type who makes things like this:

(my cakes in no way, shape or form resembled this)

When in reality, I'm actually really rubbish and my pink cakes went a funny colour and I was too scared to eat any of them myself. Ceri said they were nice though (but he's kind of obligated to). It was my first time alright, and your first time at most things is going to be ridiculous so I'm letting myself away with that one. And I was totally unsupervised alright, I did it all by myself with only a bit of texting my mother/Laura O'Reilly/Christina Duff for advice on ingredients, timing and processes. So like 90% all by myself. I make amazing dinners, like proper healthbomb amazing dinners, but baking is a little more challenging. I'll keep trying and get the knack of it someday I'm sure. Until then it'll just be raw cookie dough from the packet yeah

But that is not the point. I brought the cakes to Milk & Cookies and they were pure devoured pretty quick methinks, so I'm pretty pleased with that. If any of you were at the event and had luminous pink fairycakes, tell me what you thought (unless you're dead from food poisoning, in which case, I send your family my condolences). I also brought the antler. Which I have to carry back to Galway at 9am tomorrow. Living between counties is especially difficult sometimes.

(Also have you noticed I'm writing using capital letters? This is because I want this to be a grownup blog)
(Also have you noticed the new format? My friend Emma Flynn has started to prettify the place for me. I'm making a banner too. A banner. Like a real blog.)

So Milk & Cookies, well, what can I say, it was the very beginning of the turn-around in my life back in 2009, it means the entire world to me in so many different ways. While I am admittedly a kind of absent volunteer (because I'm terrible at baking, as explained, and pretty bad at administrative things... also I live in Galway and the event is in Dublin) I still feel as though when I got involved with it, way back at the very beginning, a lot of things in my life changed for the better. It showed me that if a bunch of sound people have a good idea and a bit of belief in it, then with some hard work and love it'll turn into something that makes more people happy. And more and more and suddenly there's a queue down the street dying to get into your storytelling and baking non-alcohol event. Seriously. Around 200 people every single month, who give a shit and want to be part of whatever movement is happening. There's around 9 of us who all do different things (most of them do significantly more than I do) and it's getting to feel like we're a little family. Hell I met Ceri through it, bumming sly smokes off him during breaks way back this time last year. 
The two of us got to host it as well, which was pretty savage, and all of the storytellers were absolutely stellar. I was doubled up laughing at some points, I was nearly moved to tears TWICE, no less. Showing and telling is utterly brilliant as an incentive as well. Amongst other things, we had ropes, a book, an 18 year old ten box of Benson & Hedges, Christmas lights, a woolly hat, a picture of a Triangle-Shaped Man, a very loved and smashed up silver sprayed guitar called Charlotte, and a piece of seaweed from the southernmost point of New Zealand. 
Not only this, but we were collaborating with Inklude, the art collective, who were drawing the stories on a projected screen as the speakers went along, which made each story entertaining on so many more levels. They were lovely, I really hope we get to collaborate with them again, it really added something special to the evening! I also took a loada pictures with my Diana Mini and Flash, so when the roll's done I'll develop and scan them so yis can all see. 

So I'm all loved up yeah, I'd forgotten how much it meant to me until last night. Then some of us retreated for pints, then retreated home, happy and full of baked goods. Our next event is super special and super depraved: Milk & Cookies AFTERDARK 2: The 7 Deadly Sins. It's on the 11th of March at The Complex and is going to be a depraved byob music/poetry/storytelling/theatre/cookie festival of brilliant. I am so excited. I don't know why you aren't. I'll talk more about it nearer the time. 

In other news, I'm slightly over my hair-trauma, Ceri's playing Assassins Creed 3 (or 2.5) and I'm not making dinner tonight, he is, I'm going to sit on the couch and continue to legitimately work on my novel. See? Not just an airy-fairy poet type. Going back to Galway tomorrow for two days, then back up for the weekend, then back down for class and interning. IT NEVER STOPS. mayhem, mayhem

I'll update this post with photos from the event really soon, maybe later today if some of them come in!

Here's Milk & Cookie Stories' website and Facebook, if you want more information or want to get involved or come to the next event!

And here's Inklude's details too :)


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