Monday, February 21, 2011

my my my monday

GOOD MORNING WORLD. The play is up on it's very lovely legs, last night's rehearsal was one of those experiences where you feel like the project, cast director words you name it, has done itself justice. If we can do that again when we go into the world on Wednesday for our two shows, then keep up the energy for Thursday, we'll be champions of the small stage.

This morning I made an application for Galway's Town Hall Theatre's 'Studio THT' project, which is for new shows. Not sure if  we're applicable just yet, however, I figured I'd whip in an application just in case. Keep yer fingers crossed for us. Ben Folds hasn't been in touch since the tweet I got back, which was obviously very exciting, but I'm just pleased he knows what's happening. We'll get the show video'd and see where it goes from there (Youtube is a wonderful platform for sharing art you know).

Did you know I had my first go on a motorbike last night? It was amazing. My lead actor in Sleep Skips My Heart NATURALLY drives a motorbike and gave me a lift home. It was so exciting that I wrote a poem about it, which I would post here only that counts as self publishing. Ugh, rules.

In other news, I've reached the very difficult stage with the book where I've to write my acknowledgements, and my dedication. There have been so many incredible people who've helped me along my writing journey and given me time that they really didn't have to: hopefully I won't forget anyone. Feels like we're really making progress with it. It might be a real live thing in no time at all.

The cover is something else I'm really looking forward to figuring out, but the less I say about that at the moment the better.

I also thought I'd list some of my upcoming gigs, just in case anybody'd be interested in stalling the ball along.

Saturday 26th February:         Block T Fundraiser
Tuesday 1st March:               Testify Nights at the Roisin Dubh
Friday 4th March:                  The Speakeasy, Bray
                                             (headlined by Elaine Feeney! So excited!)

I'll also be playing the Caca Milis Cabaret in Wexford in the coming months, The Brownbread Mixtape in May, and The Mutant Cabaret in Cork in June. And competing in the Cuirt Grand Slam in April. How super exciting is all this? And by the time Summer comes I'll have a book under my arm too.

On a foodier note: Marks & Spencer ready meals are something I've a bit of a love/hate relationship with, considering I'm kind of obsessed with Jamie Oliver and home cooking and all that shite. However, on Saturday night when I was in Dublin in a state of emotional turmoil over tweeting Ben Folds and looking like a madwoman, myself and the man treated ourselves to what is basically the MEGA ready meal. It's called THE BIG PLATTER. A big massive box full of chicken wings, ribs, battered mushrooms, potato skins: lardfest 2011. Perfect sit in a ball watching X-Files when you're real knackered at the end of a long week food. I mean I know I'm normally one for sticking to reviews of chocolate, but this meal deserves an honourable mention. It was an experience to say the very least. I mean, in some cases the food was quite dry, but the sheer quantity of pretty decent nibbles for a tenner was not half bad. The box it came in was pretty savage too and I'm pretty much a massive sucker for good packaging in general, so it gets mega points for being visually attractive.

NOW in saying all this, I prefer home cooking. I'm getting really good, might whip up a recipe for my EPIC GET ALL YOUR VEG MEAL in the next few days, because it pure does make a difference to how good you feel from one end of the day to the other. 

(this from the woman who has just eaten an entire packet of maryland cookies for breakfast...head hung in shame)


party on



  1. Feck the 'rules'If it gets accepted somewhere just take it down again.

  2. :D i might throw it up later so for a sneak peak....cheers peadar!

  3. I done the speakeasy last month, it's a great place to perform and really nice crowd! Congrats on the book!!! how far have we all come since those day's not so long ago, sitting in the exchange, Cliff and me have chapbooks out, you have yer book, and so many other good things for us and others who were there, lonf may it continue!

  4. i know karl, it's been some year and a half. if we could go back and tell ourselves about all the changes that would happen, eh?
    cheers about the book, it was a bit of a shot in the dark but i'm excited about it. and can't wait for speakeasy either, out to the wilds of bray i go :)