Monday, February 14, 2011

for the day that's in it

I thought I'd wish everyone a happy Valentines: Hallmark this and pointless holiday that, I don't care: we've adopted the day to celebrate love, and that's what I'm going to do.
So no matter who you love, if the one you love is on the east coast and you're on the west or vice versa, no matter who you have loved, who you're missing, who you're falling out of love with, who you feel like you might love but aren't sure, who you kind of wish you didn't love, if you only love your mammy or think you might never feel love, today is for all different shapes and colours of love and sometimes I wish we'd all just take off our cynical hats for like, two seconds, and remember what those clever bastards The Beatles said: it's all you need. That's what my Da reminds me of whenever I'm in a pisser. It doesn't mean you need a relationship, or you need a partner, it's just love you need, no matter who or what it's for. It doesn't matter how dysfunctional your love is, or how dysfunctional you think it is. It keeps us all alive. Hell, be your own Valentine. I just think it's nice to celebrate the damn feeling for once.

So happy 14th of February everyone, remember, LOVE IS INTERGALACTIC

Thanks for the 1,000 reads lads!
Party on


  1. dysfunctional love is a terrible and poisonous thing.

  2. but it makes life interesting, even for a little while! my attitude is that rollercoasters only last for 3 minutes for a reason