Sunday, February 6, 2011

HERE IS A LIST OF BRILLIANT THINGS (as big as a collective, as small as a croissant)

due to january being the single most insane month of my life so far (and february threatening softly to follow it) i have taken a wee sabbatical in the new apartment in dublin for a few days. yesterday myself and himself sat in on the couch all day and did nothing other than play video games and eat leftovers. today we wandered around town semi-aimlessly and got house things.
here is a list of amazing things that i feel i need to share with everyone right now. i feel as though i should write a specific blog post about each of these things and how awesome they are... but... i just have to tell you about all of them!

  •  Seeing Upstart posters everywhere!
i hope everyone's noticed them by now: the beautiful posters that upstart have put up all over our city of poetry, art and photography! they make the election posters look so silly in comparison, me and ceri went upstart hunting and people were definitely looking at us funny as we circled lamposts to try and see what was on each side. one of my poems is out there somewhere too! the poster simply reads,
'lust knows no words
only tongues'
so if you happen to see it, snap a picture and send it to me!
for anyone who wants to get involved in this really incredible campaign, here's their website:
or like 'em on facebook
they've also got this awesome event, which will have some seriously cool poets (...and me) performing, as well as actual wrestling! here it is!

i'll be doing a full blog post with more information on it later in the week!

  • Busyfeet Cafe's Bacon and Cheese Croissant
i wouldn't normally be one of these people who puts bacon on everything, or melted cheese, as much as i appreciate it. and busyfeet was really packed today and i'm selectively claustrophobic, so in crowded cafes i get kind of moany. however. i ordered the bacon and cheese croissant and i honest to god have never eaten anything more delicious for 4.99 in my entire life. it's amazing. i didn't even have the foresight to ask what kind of cheese they used because it definitely tasted fancy. seriously put me in an awesome mood for the day.

  • This Spiderman frying pan

on SALE in txmaxx. now in our kitchen. frying pan, frying pan, does what ever a spider can (it even has the same pentameter, omg)

  • Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: THE GAME
we downloaded it onto the xbox 360 for 800 points yesterday afternoon. side scrolling pixelated murder is what it is. it's basically like streets of rage, on speed. it's really hard, really loud, really colourful and just the right amount of stressful for it to be loads of fun. now if you don't dig the scott pilgrim thing that's cool, i've just been gradually suckered in lately, and this game made my afternoon yesterday. and it has upto a four player co-op mode! yeow

  • Portal
all i am going to say is that i heard so much about it for so long, finally played it, and it was every bit as satisfying as i'd been promised. that is all. it makes me feel so clever. this is all

  • Poem!
3am magazine very sweetly included my ikea poem in their website this week... here is a link if anyone's interested in reading it. it's a really new one, written after a 6 hour journey through that monster on the horizon of ballymun! here ya go:  this is a poem about 3 things (3am magazine)

  • Kooky Dough
was pottering around fresh on friday night trying to get some bits when i came across this absolute miracle of a product...cookie dough in a tube. the kind of thing you see american teenagers in sitcoms eating. and i had a tube of it and watched a movie and was really happy. and i will probably buy more tomorrow because it was properly delicious. i mean i should probably use it to actually make cookies in the oven... but... raw it's just... 
here's the website of the lads who make it. i got the triple chocolate chip because i'm a piggy:
i think i might try all the flavours and do a review. it actually inspired me aswell to get off my hole and start baking. me and my lovely blonde christina duff are definitely going to be spending all tomorrow deflowering this new kitchen with eggs and sugar and eventually amazing fairycakes....which leads me to

  • Getting to host Milk and Cookie Stories SHOW AND TELL on Tuesday night!
i think that the things i miss most about living in dublin city are the incredible nighttime events run by incredible people, and the first of these that i really felt i belonged to was milk & cookie stories. me and ceri are mcing it on tuesday night, here's the event link, come along, it's a show and tell... i might have brought something ridiculous from the west to tell an amazing story about... hint in picture...

i shall say no more. here's the event link! Milk & Cookie Stories SHOW AND TELL!

  • Jet Force Gemini and Banjo Tooie for 23 yoyos
two amazing n64 games for under 25 euro. oh yes. god bless R.A.G.E on fade street. now that place is getting a post of it's own for sure. it's a vintage video game, record and art store and i thought i'd chance my arm and ask if they had two games i never got to play as a kid but read review upon review of in nintendo official magazine.... and yes they did. thrill city.

you know, i think i've slightly lost track of myself with the sheer excitement of my lovely weekend. i've received some really amazing news this week, and will tell everyone in the internet about it shortly enough (some friends know already... things really seem to be kicking off!). i've also a few really savage gigs coming up, which i'm really pleased about so expect to remain posted on that too.
i'll probably do another post later too considering it's superbowl night which means i'm going to sit in here beating portal and crocheting on my owneo so... you know... when in doubt... reach to the internet and invisible readers for company, yeah?



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