Thursday, February 17, 2011


OH LORD. Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? Do you?
This week I have been running around like a proverbial cyan-tailed insect, to the extent where I lay down for ten minutes last night end ended up sleeping for twelve hours. I am still knackered. Sleep Skips my Heart, my lovely play, is on next week and between that, classes, organizing various things (including the Galway Arts Centre Poetry Slam this week, which absolutely rocked as always), interning at Cuirt and attempting to have a life (attempting is the keyword) I am running pretty low on batteries. Though I did have two and a half-ish very soothing hours today of sticking address stickers on envelopes. 490 stickers stuck in under 3 hours bitches

I had a small list of awesome things to talk to you about, the first of which is my retraction of a previous post's declaration that my favourite bar of chocolate is the Galaxy Ripple.
It is now the often overlooked Milkyway Crispy Roll. Fickle, you call me - shut up and listen to why, I say.

no messin with the crispy rolls

I was pottering around yesterday and was kind of hungry, kind of sweet-toothy, kind of oh look there, it's small enough, there are TWO crispy rolls in it, and it's 60c! That's nearly 50c and that's a pure call-back to the days when all  bars were that price so how could I say no? My issue with chocolate bars, most of them, is that they're just too much for a savoury mouthed sailor like me who prefers, generally, crisps and all, so I'm seeking something that's small-ish without being annoyingly small. And with this lad, 60c, fuck it I can afford two of them! And because they're small, not feel like captain lard! Savage. Highly recommended.

After the aforeposted Upstart Wrestling Gig, I got approached by a lad from Block T to do some poems at their fundraiser on the 26th of this month, which is going to be amazing. I really love that venue, it feels like a sale of work in 1994 in a school hall. The tiles on the walls are really cool, I know that sounds like a strange thing to say, but they are, bang of art deco off them. So happy to be part of a fundraiser for them. I'll throw down the full lineup when I hear more. 

Am presently drafting my first collection, 'Follies', with the editor of Lapwing, sending the proofs back and forth, which is awesome because I get to keep posted on what goes on in the process. No date for release yet but it should be summertime-ish. Hopefully I'll have a fancy big party of a launch up here in Galway, as well as back home in Dublin. (this is actually the first time I've officially announced it on the internet, I havn't put up a big screaming Facebook update at all or yeah, party hats for everyone, lifetime achievement city :D )

When I go home later or tomorrow, I'll take a picture with my webcam of my AMAZING NEW HAT. I lost my favourite grey hat at Electric Picnic during The Eels (I know, right? Of all bands) and have been devastated since then, but yesterday came upon the new head-warmer of a lifetime. 

I think this is all for now - expect more later. Because everyone's been kind enough to read and my views have gone up nicely (not in huge terms in the context of the internet or anything, but enough to make me feel like people are reading!) I'm going to be posting more. About chocolate bars. And events.

OH speaking of which,

i am

party on


  1. Party hats and those blower things that get really annoying. Congrats. Lapwing are lucky to have you

  2. <3 thanks very much kate! thought i'd sneak the announcement in there amongst the talk of crispy rolls, i'm absolutely thrilled

  3. Wow well done, looking forward to reading your collection Sarah!

  4. Nice one Laura! I'll hit you up with a copy when I've got some, looking forward to your book too!xx