Friday, January 7, 2011

delight city: ohfrancis

so i walk into 9 crow street to look at some clothes and have a chat at the counter and what do i see with my eyes? what do i see?

ohfrancis, the news sheet edition.  looks terrific, flick it open and i clearly had forgotten that my angry little cigarette piece which was illustrated specifically for the magazine was going to be included. nearly died of excitement. lately anything i've been linked to print has been Scarleh Fer Yer Ma  related and written by someone else, but this time it was something i made up all by myself.

the piece is part one of a trilogy called 'THREE BLINDINGS IN THREE KITCHENS' which is basically another attempt at procrastinating writing anything of volume. three blindings in three kitchens are three pretty gross little snaps of fiction under 500 words about...well, it's in the title isn't it. i've just finished the second, which deals with a lass who gets her eye stung out by a bumblebee for lusting after it's furry coat.
interesting fact i found out while writing this one: honey bees can only sting once, then they die. bumblebees... they can come back at you for more. true story.

so yes, ohfrancis is free, so if you spot it, pick it up and give it a read, there's loads of interesting things inside. (and me) (so proud)

also have a terrific gig at Nighthawks at the Cobalt on saturday night, absolutely humming with excitement and terror, might debut some blindings in some kitchens to give the audience a bit of a shock. doing 12 glorious minutes of poems and other follies and will write all about it when it's past me. excitement city

so this is all, for the moment

be well


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