Saturday, January 15, 2011

incredible discovery

i mean it's not something adults really ask eachother, is it. what's your favourite bar of chocolate? i don't remember the last time someone asked me that, so, to set the record straight, i'm going to tell you what i discovered today on the bus between galway and dublin.
i discovered this.

the galaxy ripple. i've been a long-term galaxy fan myself, but this for me, is definitively my favourite kind of bar of chocolate.
it's a bit like the very inconvenient yet enjoyable cadbury's flake, only NOT MESSY because all the mad ripply bits are contained in a chocolate coating.
galaxy bars are for me, always a little intense, chocolate wise, but this is like maybe, 70% chocolate 30% air ratio so like when you're not mad starving or whatever, it's spot on, it's not like, too much, y'know? bang on in the middle, not some sort of epic journey like a moro or a marsbar (i won't get into the yorkie not being for girls argument here either, it just doesn't taste as nice as other bars, fact)
and ripple is a deadly sounding word. kind of onomatopoeic. rhymes with nipple. winner

in other news, today i received an e-mail notifying me i'd been accepted for inclusion in Wired Ruby literary zine, so i'm absolutely thrilled, the poem i submitted was written the day after i went a bit mad and cut off all my hair, and it's about that journey that you kind of go on as a young woman and defining yourself by your hair, yet eventually getting up the courage to chop it all off because really, it doesn't mean anything if you're happy.

i'm back in dublin for the weekend and will tonight be staying in the new apartment of my lovely manfriend, which is on the same street i was born on, which i think is pretty amazing. it's the nearest i'll have been to that place since the day i was born aswell, which is just two weeks under 23 years ago.

also, for the record, scott pilgrim (which i had the sheer pleasure of seeing last night in the college, thanks to comic and english soc, whilst quietly necking a bottle of wine with lisa keegan) excelled on so many levels it deserves a blog post of it's own.

be well now