Wednesday, January 19, 2011

holy identity change batman

this has been some week for one week and it's only half over. my left eye is throbbing at the moment just to punish me for over-exerting myself. i also got sleep paralysis on the bus up from galway at 7am on tuesday morning, i think i might write something about it because it was legitimately the strangest thing that's ever happened to me. as i stated on my facebook shortly afterwards, i think it could be the universe punishing me for writing plays which fictionalise sleeping disorders and use them as plot devices.... (the callbacks for Sleep Skips my Heart, formerly known as Narcolepsy, are on Friday morning, ohhh things are getting so serious)

so, here's the story. on monday, which apparently is called 'blue monday' because it's the most depressing day of the year, i was in rte radio recording a little chat and some poems with sean rocks for arena. depressing? eh no, clearly not, blue monday nothing.
the interview goes out tonight. i am literally, sick in my stomach with terror so should you choose to tune in, please have mercy, it was my first time, go gentle on me! but it was a really terrific experience, while i was reading my poems i felt all that terror leave me and i warmed right up. i would have imagined i'd feel better having a waffle about what i do than i would reading some pretty personal poems, but no, i felt much better just sinking back into performance mode and letting my work speak for itself. maybe that kind of thing changes with experience, which with a little bit of luck, i might get a little bit more of. i'll whip up a link to it here after it goes live!

pretty much one taxi and two jack daniels' after my visit to rte i found myself at my beloved glor sessions, run by stephen james smyth. it was a lovely night, the same homey environment and interested audience as there always is. it was broadcast live online aswell, which was pretty savage. i really love how the internet is bringing little grassroots events out into the digital stratosphere. the internet really amazes me on a lot of levels, i should probably get over it but sometimes i'm just awestruck. i seriously am in love with the glor sessions sometimes. so i did some poems, listened to some poems and awesome music, ended up smoking half a box of fags, and dragged my sorry and exhausted body back to the new apartment, which i think really deserves an interesting name...hmmm

tuesday passed, mental, facilitated all the stuff at the poetry slam in the galway arts centre which was as always, so exciting and inspiring. i always feel great leaving afterwards, and because i'm interning there i get a different experience all together which mostly involves carrying chairs up and down the stairs with the lovely receptionist. so this time i felt great, but also seriously exhausted, after a very mental couple of days.

tomorrow night i'm reading at over the edge in the galway city library. going to reveal some of my horrific flash fiction collection there as well as read a few poems. i keep seeing my name on this poster all around town, it's a little daunting!

IN OTHER NEWS i dyed my hair this morning THUS changed my identity. there one was a time when dying my hair was the most exciting part of my week and it wasn't that long ago, i tell you that much.

personally i'm looking forward to spending all of saturday in ikea with the manlier half buying functional and stylish semi-disposable swedish furniture then trying to assemble flat-packs when we get home. probably going to finish that bottle of jack daniels in the process

party on wayne


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