Sunday, January 23, 2011

i have this, complicated relationship with IKEA

no, really.
i've noticed, upon looking back over a lot of my work recently, that it's a kind of theme in a lot of what i do. like not in a bad way or anything, it just seems to keep cropping up in my poetry. everything that i use in the poems is from ikea. bedsheets, scissors, you name it. i mean i used to love ikea and find it really exciting and want to play hide and seek and turn everything upside down and hide things but not so much these days. i think i'm a little bit scared of it.
i was there yesterday with the manlier half and his folks having a poke around and trying to basically make this apartment functional. we were there for around 5 hours. that's like, a whole day. a whole long day with no sunlight because ikea has no windows because it doesn't want you to look outside ever, only at furniture, ever. and the sauce they put on the pasta is the same colour as some of the faux-leather couches (that's luminous orange for those of you who don't know) and i think i'm a little too jamie oliver-ed out of it to feel comfortable with that.
i never even noticed before now, i mean not only am i a seasoned ikea goer, i am also a big  fan of interesting homewear, so i kind of get kicks on many levels out of ikea. but like, yesterday was on an entirely different level, it switched on a different switch in my brain, and i think i'm starting to understand why i'm so obsessed with using the place in my work.

it's like i feel like nothing i'll ever buy there will mean anything. it's like it defeats fetishization (is that how you spell that?) but like, defines it all at once. i want to buy the things to make my house work properly, but i don't want to keep them forever or admire them.
as i type he is in the kitchen having a battle of the species with a set of silver 'billy' bookshelves. they didn't have any blue ones left in the warehouse, devastation. they look like lego shelves in primary colours. the swedes also invented lego. and absolut. and h&m. clever clever nation.
he just made a 'wooo' noise and this means the battle is won.

i just don't know what i'm trying to tell you about ikea but i will finish this poem and then maybe i'll understand but i think it is important that you know that ikea is a strange place.

  billy shelves 0 - ceri 1

and mankind wins against semi-disposable swedish furniture 

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