Sunday, January 9, 2011

kiss me sunday

what's that you say? 5pm and still in my pyjamas? oh yes thank you i do believe i will

because today is the last day before the mayhem of semester two commences. not only semester two, but my internship with the Cuirt International Festival of Literature and the preparation for the second life of Narcolepsy, my lovely play, which will be taking place in February in the black box of NUIG. 

buses never come in ones they come in sixes and there's no escaping them then but for now i'll just chill it here under the shelter and watch Misfits on 4od (heavy handed script but...still, I'm watching)

4od is an absolutely terrific idea, for the record, except that the majority of the documentaries are pretty rubbish so i get halfway through and
step up your game, television

last night at Nighthawks was absolutely gorgeous. sat in the middle of the room which is, as always, beautifully lit, and drank gin, and listened to the gorgeous music of the Alex Mathias band (who i really want to make friends with when they play galway in march) and Elder Roche who i literally never, ever get tired of listening to. the comedy was really terrific aswell, considering i'm not usually that easily amused (no, really). conor o'toole was awesome, as was damo clarke and ed sammo, i was literally laughing out loud and not really able to stop for a lot of the night. total shocker - i'm normally one of these awful hard-hearted bitches who doesn't even do a sympathy giggle. i bring my crochet to gigs for christ's sake, so in case of a cringe-emergency i have something to look at (i also make lovely blankets, but more on that another day).
and as for getting to do my poems... well they listened. and laughed at times. and didn't lynch me when i read my city poem about dublin being a bastard. so i feel very nice about it. like what i do is worth something.

when i go home to galway i'll finish reading Douglas Coupland's Life After God (which is why I go out with my boyfriend: he recommends excellent books) and then i'll do a little review of it. because it's time to get into good habits, being january. now if only i could learn how to read books that are released at the moment and review them, then maybe, just maybe, i might be on to something

also, for the record i'm still taking a photo a day. might scan some soon, wouldn't that be THRILLING

and also, i am still listening to God Help the Girl, because they're terrific



  1. Dr Griff - we need a blanket STAT!

    PS: Everybody lurved you on Saturday. Even my trucker mate who would rather punch a nun in the face than listen to poetry

  2. Nice one Colm! I can convince truckers to dig poems? win :D