Friday, January 21, 2011

serious inconveniences, sleep and business cards

i'm not going to lie to you but last night was probably the most rock and roll i've been in quite a while. i am currently suffering from what is commonly known as a hangover, but in my case i will call it a SERIOUS INCONVENIENCE because i have to be in the university at half twelve to sit through twelve callbacks for Sleep Skips My Heart (the play formerly known as Narcolepsy) and i'll tell you something, when i left, the party wasn't even winding down

i dreamed the world was counting down to an end and it was my birthday and in Eyre square there were tents like the christmas market but empty, and people were standing in it executing one another, having shaved their heads bald in protest against this strange apocalypse. i was with lisa and she was wearing her fur coat and i have no idea where she is this morning because she is not in her bed right now. it was a frightening dream because it was going to happen at 8 o clock and it just kept ticking and ticking and so many people believed it was ending that they just killed themselves first. what would happen if the world didn't end, and all these lives lost in tents like a christmas market in eyre square and i was there to see them lost. there were popcorn vendors too as if, it was like a spectacle.
and i woke up with this hangover and the taste of smokes in my mouth because i apparently forget that i'm quitting when i drink and this huge sense of dread about turning 23, as if it's some big deal, when it actually is really kind of dull.

so here's what i actually am posting for.
over the edge was utterly brilliant to read at, i'm still so happy they invited me, especially to their eighth birthday. naturally i brought the wrong bundle of papers with me, as i am inclined to do, so i ended up reading an entirely different set than i intended but i think i got away with it. i got handed some business cards that i am slightly excited about. i feel very adult and wish i had a business card.

and also, here is a link to the podcast where i was on da radio for anyone who missed it and wants to hear. i sound completely unlike myself but that's ok: picture me in the famous five or the secret seven, then you'll let me away with it for sure!

It's archived 3 or 4 links down and has my name on it! Ohmygoodness

right i have to surgically remove myself from this bed and brush my teeth and go to college and be a mature playwright with a huge cup of cheap coffee and a scowly face


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