Tuesday, January 11, 2011

if only this apple juice wasn't 36% sugar

well i'm still not willing to argue that IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HEALTHY with the lidl people so i guess i can't really complain.

today i started interning and got to see the Cuirt offices, which are warm and cozy in the attic of the Galway Arts Centre. i think you should know, i get a workspace. that means a desk (i'm sure it's only semi-permanent but for now i feel kind of important and excited). being briefed on what i'm going to do was lots of fun, we had people visit us and all and me and the arts officer had some good banter. i'm getting a feeling this is going to be a really interesting few months. we're both reading at Over the Edge next week on the 20th. going to be savage.

i also got a really exciting phonecall today from a lovely lady in RTE who asked me to come and read some of my poems for Arena on monday. i was literally like, jaw open delight face walking around the college like. i knew my poetry had been forwarded to her post-nighthawks, but didn't imagine anything would come of it but there you go! i'll post more about it nearer the time so you can tune in and have a little listen to me putting on a very respectable rte voice and reading some weird stuff out. i expect everyone to say a prayer that they decide to give me a permanent job there as a weather girl

aside from this we're having the first reading of narcolepsy in my lovely apartment tomorrow night. going to take lots of pictures and like, hope to god it doesn't sound awful when it's off the page. news news news jesus, 2011 doesn't start off slow at all does it?

now tenner bets nothings going to happen at all for the next 11 months, i've used up all my joy credits in the first two weeks

speaking of joy, as noted previously on facebook, but i feel needs to be re-iterated here, despite the absolute hammering of rain outside which i now must venture into to find out what grade i got in my poetry elective last semester (eep...), this video portrays how absolutely deadly i feel right now:

be well

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